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Monday, 3-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
New years 2005-trip to NYC with Delawarians & my New Years party

trip to Rockefeller- me, V, Ida, T, Geoff and Eric
V and David.. awww
gotta love the Rockefeller tree!
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Went to NYC with my delaware friends: Eric, Ida, Sergio, V, David, Geoff, and T

The next day I held a New Years party at my place which is always fun.. 45-55 people went to my party wowah!! I quote from Denielle "wow Liz this feels like a HS reunion" LOLOL around 7am Dowsky, Georgia and I were told wired that we played football outside and we walked Georgia home while everyone else was asleep. I pulled an all nighter!

Thanks everyone for coming. I hope yall had a great New years!

Monday, 6-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UD football vs. Washington & Mary in Williamsburg Virginia

Amy face painting my face
da girls!
me and Eric
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I had such an amazing time at our away football game. A four hour drive one way.. but who cares! hehehe Thanks Mike for driving!!!

One thing I learned from this game was, Delaware fans are K A R A Z Y! A lot of William and Mary fans kept telling us how football fanatics everyone was! Amy, Mike, Courtney and I were down below running around trying to get everyone to cheer. The cutest old lady, came over and told us the reason why we're not scoring enough was because we weren't cheering after every 3rd down! hahahha So of course every third down the four of us tried to rally up the crowd.. I spoke with Christine Pasko afterwards, and she mentioned, she heard the Delaware fans singing "happy birthday" to our Delaware Fan! HAHAHAHHAHAHA I led the sing along! too funny.

During our tailgating, Delaware fans were going crazy, music blasting, football, frisbee, bbqs, some people were playing beer pong... but I will say everyone from William & Mary walked quickly past the Delaware fans. hahahah They best be we're all crazy! I mean come on getting up at 5:30am to go to a football game... You have best be scared!

priceless moment- scary Kenny because he didn't recognize me in face paint. but also I'm engaged to Youdee.. I proposed to him

I'm not thrilled we're out of the play offs.... But I will say if you're idiotic enough to be ahead 31-10 in the first half, and then tie 31-31 and go over time twice you deserve to lose. I'm sorry.. I heart my football team, but I will admit it... Our team deserves to lose

Sunday, 28-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Celebrating Thanksgiving in Boston

look at all that turkey!
Uncle Steve
dad and uncle mike
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This was quite a Thanksgiving! I learned a lot about my family these past two days. For one thing, I never knew my Uncle Rick has 12 children, 4 biological and 8 adopted (all different ethnicities)! I never even knew he was married many years ago. Also My Aunt Julie celebrated Thanksgiving in her house this year, and I learned her fantastic house, was reconstructed in the tv show That Old House, three years ago! My aunt is an artist, so she definitely used an amazing usage of colors, with a modern look in the house. Her garage was made into an art studio, with half the room rented by another artist.

Which reminds me I learned more about my father's history. My father went to Harvard for government graduate school a LONG time ago, so when we were in Boston my dad gave Todd, cousin Rebecca and I had a full out tour of Harvard. It's a nice campus. Todd even remembers the apartment he stayed in the first two years of his life, and spitting watermelon seeds off the balcony. I never knew this but it turns out my parents were indeed married when my dad went to Harvard, and Todd was in daycare when my father attended classes. HAHA you learn something new everyday.

Monday, 22-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
UD Football game verse Villanova- 11-20-04

aww Chris and his fiancee Meg
me and youdee!
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thanks caro for some of the pics!

Sunday, 21-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gamma Sigma Sigma Fall Ball

Dawn, me, Cat, Melissa, Jess, Liz C, Beth, Tammy
I heart my big!
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Good times at Gamma Sig Fall Ball! Thanks again Lauren Emerson for letting me wear your dress! I got a lot of compliments in it

Night filled with dancing, chillin' with my girls and with the perfect date. what could be better!

Few pics by Katy!

I verb my pimping girls!

I love you baby

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